Community & Teacher Training

One of our goals is to spread awareness and knowledge about autism and behavioral treatment. Thus, Arise Autism Center provides training and workshops for other professionals that work with or come in contact with individuals with autism or other disabilities. Whether you serve this population on a daily basis or simply want to better understand how to help individuals with disabilities such as autism, we individualize our training to meet your needs.

Examples of community training can include:

    • Teaching medical professionals how to improve compliance with medical/dental exams
    • Teaching employers how to effectively manage work place performance of individuals with autism
    • Working with coaches and instructors on how to manage problematic behaviors during group activities
    • Teaching airport employees how to effectively transition and prompt individuals with autism through security checkpoints and boarding the airplane
    • Teaching public safety personnel (i.e., police, EMT, fire fighters) how to communicate with and respond to individuals with autism and/or problematic behavior